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  • Character Education Traits
    Character Education Traits
    Each month we have focused on a different character trait. During morning announcements I talk about different aspects of a particular trait and students sometimes share an example they have done or experienced. We have constructed community service projects throughout the year to act on our character traits and written and made drawings to illustrate our understanding of what it looks and feels like to have
    integrity and empathy, to show respect and responsibility, and what it looks like to practice perseverance.

    On special movie days, there is a character or theme that exemplifies one of our character traits. It is wonderful to see our young children developing these traits at home and school (many parents have shared with me how their children talk about this at home). It is heart-warming when children spontaneously tell us examples of these traits.

    School is so much more than academics; it is also a place to develop strong work habits, appropriate and effective social skills, and strong character traits, all of which set a child up for a life of purpose and happiness. Current research confirms that success is contingent on a combination of intelligence and self-regulation.

    Many great thinkers in history have pointed out how education is a combination of intellectual pursuits and character development. It is so wonderful to be a part of this endeavor in the life of our children at school. It is an honor and responsibility we do not take lightly!

    “Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.” Martin Luther King

    Mrs. Goetz
2016 Cook Cub Graduates
2016 Cook Cub Graduates
Cook Elementary
  • Cook Field Day Fun!!
    Cook Field Day Fun!!
    Thank You Mrs. Waxweiler, Mrs. Ryan and the Cook/Mason PTO for helping make Cook Field day so much fun!